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Melanie Wyatt Family Law

Accredited family law specialist, offering a non-adversarial approach.

Based in Bacchus Marsh, Melanie can assist clients in the greater western suburbs from Kensington, Footscray, Sunshine, Caroline Springs, Melton, Werribee and regional areas including Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo,
and the Grampians.

Offering first 15 minute appointment free or an hour-long appointment for a fixed fee of $200. All other fees fixed-cost.

  • Melanie Wyatt
    BBus LLB LLM

    An Accredited Family Law Specialist and Family Violence Lawyer, Melanie Wyatt has been practising family law since 2011. Originally from regional Tasmania, Melanie relocated to Bacchus Marsh in 2015.

    Melanie completed her Bachelor of Business and Law at the University of Tasmania, and Masters of Family Law through the College of Law. She has also completed training to become a Mental Health First Aider.

    Melanie has extensive experience assisting family law clients with their property settlements, children’s matters, and family violence matters. She will ensure that clients are engaged with other relevant services which will assist them through their family law or family violence matter.  She can assist clients from negotiating an amicable settlement by Consent Orders through to Court proceedings in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court in relation to property, children and divorce matters. She can also assist clients with family violence matters in the Magistrates’ Court.

    Melanie has a strong passion for social justice and set up a free legal advice service on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Since relocating to Victoria, she has been assisting the evening advice services at WEstjustice and Fitzroy Community Legal Service. She is currently volunteering at St Vincent’s de Paul Society’s Soup Van and also involved with the Rotary Club of Bacchus Marsh.

  • Melaine Wyatt

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Melanie Wyatt Family Law .

  • Property Settlements and Spousal Maintenance

    We will assist with formally finalising property settlements by Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreements or Court Orders.

  • Children’s Matters

    We will assist you to reach arrangements for your children by Consent Orders, parenting plans or Court Orders.

  • Divorce

    We can file your Application for Divorce, serve the other party and represent you in Court.

  • Intervention Orders

    We can provide you advice and represent you in the Magistrate’ Court in relation to intervention orders if you have been served with an Application or require protection from the other party.

  • Mediation

    We can assist with mediation in relation to property and children’s matters to reach an amicable resolution without proceeding to Court.

  • Court

    We can represent you in Family Court or Federal Circuit Court if you have been served with Court documents or assist you with filing your own Application if the other party is unwilling to negotiate and reach an amicable agreement.

  • Married, de facto and same-sex couples

    We can provide advice to all separated parties in relation to their family law matters, including married, de facto and same-sex couples.

  • Independent Children’s Lawyer

    An Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) is appointed by the Court to represent the children’s best interests in Family Court proceedings.

  • Alternate Legal Costs

    We offer alternate fixed fees for clients seeking transparency with their legal costs. We also offer hourly rates and can assist eligible clients with Legal Aid grants.


  • Melanie Wyatt is a very special breed of Family Lawyer. She is experienced and professional, personable, and effective. Her passion is helping clients get workable, sustainable parenting and financial agreements without conflict, or drawn-out negotiations and unnecessary costs. What really stands out about Melanie is that she’s truly committed to supporting families through this tough time by ensuring it isn’t just about the legal stuff.

    She has a genuine respect for an empowering, therapeutic, child-inclusive and collaborative approach where the lawyers don’t need to do battle and instead the focus is on a team approach to minimise conflict and help parents jointly work out a plan for children’s wellbeing. We applaud her in stepping away from the out-dated family law model and giving families better separation options.”

    Melinda Nutting

    Specialised Family Separation Consultants
    Step by Step Support for Separated Families.

    I would most positvely recommend the legal services of Melanie Wyatt. My circumstances were frustrating to say the least, but as soon as Melanie took over the matter proceeded effectively. She has the capacity to actually listen and take on board relevant facts. I no longer had the need to clarify or correct. She has a very personable, yet professional, manner.


  • Melanie and I first met whilst representing our respective clients in relation to an Personal Safety Intervention Order. I was immediately drawn to her by virtue of her reasonableness and desire to achieve the best outcome for our respective clients whilst minimising the “damage” so to speak; something that I personally regard as an important aspect of being a legal practitioner. I have since recommended a number of clients, family and friends to Mel for advice in relation to family law matters; an area that I do not practice in. They all absolutely fell in love with her. Most notably, one of my clients said that she simply wanted to “hug” Mel when she first met her and felt at ease because Mel knew exactly what she was talking about. Mel achieved such a fantastic result for my client, so much so that I received a phone call from my client in tears thanking me for “finding Mel”.

    Mel has achieved some fantastic outcomes for my referrals, is intelligent, efficient, reasonable and most importantly, down to earth; everything that one would want from a family law practitioner. Thanks for all your hard work Mel.

    Rebecca Torcaso

    Director / Principal
    Torcaso Lawyers


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